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Welcome to Grüne Wurzel, your garden plant expert who will transform your garden into a blooming oasis. Our range of garden plants offers a wide variety of species and varieties that will enhance any garden and provide colour, fragrance and habitat. From robust perennials that return year after year to fragrant herbs and spectacular annuals, at Grüne Wurzel you will find the ideal plants to design your garden the way you want.

As a leading specialist for the German market, we understand the climatic conditions and soil conditions that are crucial for the optimal growth of your garden plants. Our selection therefore only includes the best plants that are adapted to local conditions and impress with their beauty and diversity. Whether you are looking for an easy-care, flowering garden, an edible vegetable garden or an inviting green landscape, at Grüne Wurzel you will find the right plants for your garden projects.

Our expertise goes beyond just what we offer. We offer you comprehensive advice and care tips so that your garden plants thrive and you can enjoy your green paradise for a long time. From choosing the right locations to advice on soil preparation and plant care - our knowledge is at your disposal to maximize the lifespan and flowering of your plants.

Discover the fascination of garden plants at Grüne Wurzel and be inspired by the diversity and beauty of nature. Our goal is not only to supply you with plants, but to help you create a garden that reflects your personal touch and is a retreat for you, your family and the local wildlife.

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