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Welcome to the "Fruit & Berries" category at Grüne Wurzel, your specialist for high-quality fruit and berry varieties. Discover our diverse range of plants that will enhance any garden. From juicy raspberries to aromatic blueberries and sweet blackberries - you will find everything your gardener's heart desires. We also offer a selection of exquisite grape plants that not only produce delicious fruit, but also make an attractive addition to your garden landscape.

Our plants come from carefully selected breeds known for their hardiness and fruit quality. Each plant comes with detailed instructions to help you achieve optimal harvest results. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, our berry bushes and grape plants are a perfect fit for any garden.

Invest in the variety and quality of Grüne Wurzel to transform your garden into a colorful and delicious oasis. Browse now and find the perfect plants for your needs!