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Welcome to the Decorative and Colorful Echeveria category at Green Root! Our Echeveria collection is the perfect choice for plant lovers looking for versatile, easy-care and aesthetically pleasing succulents. Known for their rosette-shaped leaves and bright colors, Echeveria brings freshness and vibrancy to any home or office.

Why Echeveria from Green Root?

  • Diverse selection : Discover a wide range of Echeveria species that vary in size, shape and color. Whether pastel tones or strong, bright colors - with us you will find the perfect Echeveria for every taste.
  • Easy to care for : Echeveria are ideal for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. These succulents require little water and thrive in well-drained soil and sunny locations.
  • High-quality plants : At Grüne Wurzel we attach great importance to the quality of our plants. Each Echeveria is carefully selected and delivered to your home in good health.
  • Decorative and versatile : Echeveria are not only easy to care for, but also extremely decorative. Use them as a highlight in your interior decoration, in terrariums or as part of your outdoor succulent collection.

Tips for caring for Echeveria

  • Light requirements : Echeveria prefer bright, sunny locations. Place your plant near a window with direct sunlight or in the garden where it will receive sufficient light.
  • Watering : Water sparingly and allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Waterlogging can lead to root rot.
  • Soil and repotting : Use well-draining cactus soil. Repot your Echeveria every 1-2 years to provide fresh nutrients and encourage root growth.
  • Temperature : Echeveria prefer warm temperatures and should be protected from frost. In winter, a cool wintering at around 10-15°C can be beneficial.

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