Everything about cacti: The best care tips for your trendy plant!

Are you looking for an easy way to add a little greenery and style to your home? Discover the charm of cacti ! These robust, easy-care plants are not only decorative, but also improve the indoor climate and filter pollutants from the air - perfect for any living space.

Why choose a cactus? Cacti are popular with amateur interior designers for good reason. They require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for busy people, travelers, or those who don't want to look after plants on a regular basis. In addition to their practical use, they offer aesthetic benefits. Their unique shape and structure add a special touch to any room. Scientific studies have also shown that cacti increase well-being by purifying the air and lifting the mood.

Easy to care for and undemanding Cacti store water in their thick, fleshy tissues, making them particularly resistant to dry periods. This makes them an excellent choice for drier environments or for those who cannot water daily.

How to best care for a cactus? Here are detailed care tips to keep your cactus healthy and happy:


  • During the growing season from March to September, the cactus should be watered thoroughly, but only when the soil is completely dry.
  • Use a spray bottle to increase moisture on the leaves and encourage growth.
  • A saucer is useful for collecting excess water. Alternatively, you can use the damming method, which involves placing the cactus in a bath of water until no more air bubbles rise.


  • Start fertilizing about four to six weeks after the first intensive watering. Use a soluble complete fertilizer that is dissolved in water.
  • From July onwards you should switch to a low-nitrogen cactus fertilizer that supports the specific needs of your cactus.
  • From September onwards, stop feeding the cactus to prepare it for dormancy.

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