5 Pflanzen für Mamas – das perfekte Geschenk, nicht nur zum Muttertag

5 plants for moms – the perfect gift, not just for Mother’s Day

Plants are the perfect gift for every mother - even outside of Mother's Day. What used to be a self-painted picture is now a plant: an individual, living work of art for every home. And because mothers play a very special role in life, we have selected five special specimens for you from our online shop Grüne Wurzel.

For the old-school mom

For the experienced, calm mother who is always there when you need her. Impress her with a plant that is currently experiencing a miraculous comeback: the Monstera deliciosa - a classic houseplant that has become very popular again in recent years.

  • Scientific name: Monstera deliciosa
  • Natural habitat: Tropical forests in Central and South America.
  • Care: Extremely easy to care for. Prefers a humid room climate and appreciates regular spraying. Water occasionally so that the soil does not dry out completely, but is not too moist either.
  • Notes: The Monstera improves the air quality in the home and brings a piece of the tropics into your home with its large, split leaves.

About Monstera deliciosa

For the hipster mom

The Alocasia Zebrina is the perfect choice for the hip mom. It is the icon of interior design, the current it plant among houseplants. It is totally on trend, stately and hip.

  • Scientific name: Alocasia Zebrina
  • Natural distribution: Tropical regions of Asia and Eastern Australia.
  • Care: It does not need a lot of water, but permanent moisture and dry soil are harmful - as a result, it sheds its leaves. The humidity should be as high as possible and the location should be very bright without direct sunlight.
  • Notes: The Alocasia with its distinctive, striped stem is a real eye-catcher. Dust on the leaves should be removed occasionally with a damp cloth.
About Alocasia Zebrina

For the cat mom

Show your mom cat or mom dog how much you love them with a pet-friendly plant like the Calathea Medallion. This hardy beauty is non-toxic and the perfect addition to the flora and fauna in their life.

  • Scientific name: Calathea Roseopicta
  • Natural habitat: Tropical rainforests in South America.
  • Care: The Calathea's water requirements are moderate. It stores water in its fleshy leaves and forgives the occasional forgetting to water it. Wetness is much more damaging to it than dryness.
  • Notes: The Calathea is known for its decorative leaves and their ability to close at night and reopen in the morning.

To the Calathea Medallion

For the busy mom

For the mother who has a lot on her plate and is often on the go. Choose a Sansevieria, because these succulents are the perfect gift due to their ease of care - because the busy mother already has her hands full.

  • Scientific name: Sansevieria trifasciata
  • Natural habitat: dry areas in West Africa.
  • Care: The soil can dry out completely between waterings. It can withstand long dry periods very well, but constant moisture is harmful. The humidity can be high, but the Sansevieria can also cope with dry heating air.
  • Notes: The bedroom is the ideal place because, unlike other plants, the Sansevieria can release oxygen even in the dark - more oxygen in the air you breathe means healthier sleep.

About Sansevieria

For every mom (with a green thumb)

The descriptions above were too brief: Mothers are even more breathtaking and cannot be reduced to individual aspects. Therefore, the last recommendation should be a houseplant that also embodies the multifaceted nature of Mother Nature. We are thinking of the Begonia Maculata - one of the most extravagant plants, which is a little more care-intensive, but with its silver-white dots on the evergreen leaves and the red undersides of the leaves as well as its white to pink flowers, it definitely looks great.

  • Scientific name: Begonia Maculata
  • Natural occurrence: The Begonia Maculata comes from the forests of Brazil.
  • Care: The trout begonia is a little more demanding. It likes it warm, bright and without direct sunlight. It doesn't like draughts, nor dry air. The root ball must not dry out completely, but it doesn't tolerate waterlogging either - as a result it sheds its leaves and flowers.
  • Notes: The Begonia loves the occasional rain shower, so place it in the shower every now and then.

About Begonia Maculata

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